Square back bind capability with our brand new Watkiss Powersquare224

Square Back Bind is folding and stapling with a proper spine and square fold to give the effect of a perfect (or PUR) bound book without the glue. This form of stapling is offered with some online booklet makers, but our machine is dedicated to task and has a range of forming options to ensure a very high quality finish from thin booklets to 10mm thick catalogues.

Multiple stitching options can instantly stitch with any number of staples from two to six allowing 2 or three up production of small books. The static stitch head ensures consistent alignment and quality.

The machine sits ideally alongside our PUR bind to give a comparable yet cost efficient alternative to PUR binding.Square back stitch books can carry print on the spine, just like PUR bound. They sit flat in a stack (unlike traditional folded and stapled books) and save on packing. Nothing is lost to the spine – they open just like conventional folded and stapled books.

The machine combines stitching, folding, spine forming and fore-edge trimming in one process and can finish books up to 10mm thick – double that of conventional booklet making machines.

Contact us today to learn more about this option for finishing your booklets and catalogues.