Our Commitment to the Environment

We would argue that the printing and paper industries are far more ecologically friendly than most people realise. Communication electronically can be wonderfully efficient, but paper use is not the big evil it is sometimes reported to be. As a company, we think very hard about our impact on the environment which is reflected as a top priority in all our investments and daily work routines.

Most notably:

We are very excited by the Woodland Carbon Capture scheme offered by Premier Paper and are very proud to announce that as of November 2015, we are now one of the few fully Carbon Captured printers in the UK. Following a full assessment of the total amount of CO2 produced a year by our entire operation, we have identified the key areas where we can reduce our emissions still further and are offsetting all the CO2 we produce by planting trees.
By planting native woodland exclusively in the UK, the Woodland Trust directly offset the CO2 we produce on our behalf. In addition, we further offset the CO2 produced in the production and delivery of paper to our premises and you can use our WCC logo on your printed items and record exactly how many square metres of British Woodland have been planted in your name. Read more, click the following link to download a PDF of our:
Carbon Capture Leaflet

In December 2014, we replaced our existing Computer to Plate machine with an even more efficient system which uses Chemical Free metal plates, the Agfa Azura TU. Our company no longer uses any developer or fixer chemicals and all of our printing plates are fully reusable and recyclable. Read more about the Agfa plates and the environmental savings here.

Most recently, in 2018, our entire lighting has been replaced in every room in all our buildings with brand new efficient LED lighting representing a big saving for us and the environment.

All our litho inks are bio-degradeable vegetable based inks.

We will only use ecologically sound paper made from sustainable sources and backed by either FSC or similar certification. It is worth remembering that wood pulp to make modern papers (be it virgin or recycled) comes not only from sustainable sources but from the parts of the tree (roots, branches, bark etc), not suitable for the construction or furniture making industries. The paper industry is responsible for planting thousands of acres of trees across the world.

Gowise Print has operated from their own small business premises surrounded by protected mature beech trees in a predominantly residential area since 1983. We have achieved growth by staying in the market niche we know and through efficiency. As our physical size is small, we naturally use less power than a big factory and we're proud to insist that our waste bins are collected biweekly exactly the same as our residential neighbours.

Operating a thorough recycling policy. All paper off-cuts and paper waste are shredded and taken for recycling. What there is of machinery waste and chemical waste are carefully harvested and collected by Saxon Recycling who also take all our ink tins and metals for recycling. Glass, other metals and food waste are further separated for recycling and the little that is left is collected by Veolia in clear bags for further sorting and recycling at the local Longwater Recycling depot. Veolia assure us that our contribution to landfill is zero.

These are but a few of the lengths we go to, but we are happy to discuss further our environmental values and are always willing to offer advice when it comes to greener printing.